VAMPYRE “Strange Disease” Lyric Video

Our take on COVID-19 and the pandemic lockdown. Lyric video for “Strange Disease”, from VAMPYRE’s self-titled debut album, available now on Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora and Amazon.

“Strange Disease” Lyric Video

Music: The Nosferatu
Lyrics: Carlton Heston

Vocals: Carlton Heston
Guitars: The Nosferatu, nSayn
Synths: The Nosferatu
Drums: Chyanne Lynne
Bass: Tony CC

Footprints filled over
several times with dust
shaped like deep arachnine spines
over a dry dead marsh

Coated in cobwebs at light speed
building up highrise implants
shuttered and reopened

To a vacant-socket public presence
past-tense hemorrhaging
hemoglobin harshly in the heavens
with holy tendrils
reaching trailing out
to touch the souls of most

Dancing gently down
on beams of pure moonlight
A strange disease
descends in the night