VAMPYRE Nosferatu at Georgia Guidestones

Atlanta-based VAMPYRE is an original hard rock / metal band that has played live shows across the Southeast including Slave To The Metal for Fuse TV’s Mistress Juliya, The Gathering and Ride For Dime. VAMPYRE is The Nosferatu on synths & guitars, Chyanne Lynne on drums and Knick on bass.

VAMPYRE live-streams every Saturday night starting at 11:00pm ET on YouTube from our rehearsal studio in Atlanta, chat live and hear our new songs before we go back to the studio for our next EP.

VAMPYRE Demo EP 2012
6-Track demo EP recorded in 2012 includes songs played live on VAMPYRE’s first tour.

VAMPYRE Demo EP 2012 is available for free streaming and download:

Original 2008 VAMPYRE Demo
Early versions of VAMPYRE songs recorded and performed by Nosferatu. The CD is available only from Amazon and includes photos, lyrics and the original VAMPYRE logo.

  • Amazon | Original 2008 VAMPYRE Demo CD | $9.95 USD